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History repeating itself

History repeating itself

What happened on Necker this week reminded me of what happened to Thomas Edison when his huge West Orange New Jersey laboratory complex caught fire and burned to the ground. This was Edison’s reaction as told by his son at the time:


A day in the life

Richard Branson Hulu

I'm a big supporter of new and exciting ideas that challenge the norm. So I couldn't refuse an opportunity to work with award-winning independent filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) and Hulu, an adventurous online TV network that intends to shake up the TV market with its original entertainment content.


Sponsor The Swim and save lives


We're getting ready for The Swim - a not very pleasant 56 mile relay across the Irish Sea to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

It's going to be freezing cold. The waves will be large. And I think we’ll truly earn any money we raise for good causes.

But I think as long as you are fit and well trained for something like this you should be able to manage.


Campaign for organ donation opt out

Richard Branson

Delightful young girl stopped me on pavement recently. Asked if I could campaign to get opt out for organ donations introduced in the UK and in as many countries as possible. Said she was dying of liver disease, is urgently needing a donor.


В Нью-Мексико открылся первый космопорт для межпланетных туристов

На юге штата Нью-Мексико, посреди американской пустыни открылся первый в мире коммерческий космодром. Его владельцем является британский миллиардер, основатель компании Virgin Galactic Ричард Брэнсон.

По данным сайта НТВ, открывая первый на Земле частный межпланетный вокзал, точнее, космопорт, где созданы все возможные удобства для космических туристов, — Брэнсон откупорил шампанское, зависнув при этом на страховке у стены терминала, выстроенного исключительно по экологически чистым и энергосберегающим технологиям.