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Блог Ричарда, публикуемый на сайте Virgin.com

Уинслет призналась в любви племяннику Брэнсона

35-летняя актриса заявила, что нашла свою вторую половинку - Нэда Рок-н-ролла, с которым теперь она проводит все свободное время.

- Они настроены очень серьезно и уже говорят о свадьбе! - рассказал источник. - Своим друзьям Кейт призналась, что Нэд для нее - единственный.


Take some time out, share your burden

Take some time out, share your burden

Many people, especially in the northern hemisphere, are now on holiday or planning their getaways - a time when entrepreneurs and executives may find it especially tough to shut off their BlackBerrys and otherwise maintain work-life balance.


Announcing the Virgin Mobile FreeFest line-up!

I wanted to say how much Virgin Mobile and I are thrilled to share with you the long-awaited line-up for this year's FreeFest on September 10th in Columbia, Maryland.


Fire on Necker Island (video)

Necker Island fire

Thank you for all your kind messages after the fire on Necker. We’re thankful that everyone is ok.


Last shuttle launch

Virgin Galactic astronaut

Just heard from our Virgin Galactic team who were down at Cape Canaveral with a group of our future astronauts to witness the very last launch of the space shuttle. I saw the penultimate launch and, like our customers and team today, found it dramatic, moving and memorable.