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Urgent action needed to help Somalia

Somalia, East Africa

A big thanks to the UK Government for their recent donation to support the worse crisis that Africa has faced in 60 years. Over half a billion pounds is still needed – Governments all over the world – and each one of us need to act now.

Over 11 million people are facing a severe hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa caused by the deadly drought spreading across parts of East Africa. Sadly, war ravaged Somalia, a country which has already gone through immense suffering, is getting hit the worst. There are over 3.7m people in Somalia alone who need urgent action from the rest of the world to help try and avert this crisis. Thousands of people have already died with nearly a half million children at risk of falling ill and dying from diseases due to malnutrition. In Somalia alone, UNICEF estimates that more than 250 children are dying each day – unbelievably, that’s one child every six minutes. This is obviously a totally unacceptable situation that we all need to do something about.


Аэропорт Virgin Galctic в городе Жуковский (мечты)


Ричард мог бы стоять с мэром г. Жуковский как весомая прибавка к бюджету города.


Хорошее место для аэропорта Virgin Galactic


Для постройки аэропорта Virgin Galactic все готово на аэродроме Летно-Исследовательского Института им. Громова, но Ричард Бренсон подарил это штату Нью-Мексико в США.


"Космический туризм" отмечает 10-летие

В космонавтике знаковый юбилей. 10 лет назад, 28 апреля 2001 года, в космос запустили первого туриста

Ровно 10 лет назад, 28 апреля 2001 года, на российском корабле "Союз" к МКС отправился первый космический турист-предприниматель из США, бывший сотрудник НАСА, Деннис Тито. За почти 8 суток на орбите он выложил 20 миллионов долларов. С началом эры платных полётов примеру Тито последовали ещё 6 человек, последний - в 2009 году.


How to choose new ventures

Where to focus the Virgin Group’s attention...

I was asked recently how we decide on new ventures and where to focus the Virgin Group’s attention.

We did not have a traditional master plan with sectors and new territories marked for expansion neatly mapped out.

In fact, we still do not have that sort of plan or organisation, since we believe that our entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility are vital to Virgin’s success. This approach has had a profound effect on the way we develop our new businesses.