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In Australia making everyone better off

In Australia making everyone better off

This week I have been in Sydney with Virgin Money, with the intention of making all Australians better off. We’re launching the first in a range of new products starting with two credit cards and an online savings account – all of which are best in class. I had great fun launching the new Virgin Money products with the help of a giant wallet, as well as a spin around the city in a special car – a red one of course.

There is no better time to offer Australians a genuine alternative with simple and fairly priced banking products in an industry where there’s less competition today than ever before. This is classic Virgin territory.

Yes, Australia steered itself superbly through the global financial crisis, but unfortunately this came at a price: the elimination of genuine choice. The finance sector in Australia has become highly consolidated and is now dominated by the Big Four, which results in the average Aussie getting less choice.

Virgin Money is out to make a fair profit – not the most we can get away with.  We’re here to shake up financial services in Australia as we’ve done in air travel.

Being an entrepreneur, you learn a lot about bouncing back from adversity and people all over the world are doing just that at the moment.

Virgin Money are no different. We want to put money back into people's wallets, helping everyone to bounce back and making everyone better off.


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