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Getting caught short

Getting caught short

Have you ever got caught short? Sooner or later, everybody gets caught short with an empty wallet and isn't quite able to do what they wanted to do without a little helping hand.

I remember when I was living in my friend Jonny Gems parents’ basement off the Edgware Road in London in 1967. We were broke and struggling to get Student magazine, my first business venture, off the ground. We lived in that dark, dank and sparsely furnished basement all summer – sleeping on mattresses on the floor and always hungry.

But one day my mum bought us ?100 in cash. She had found a necklace in the road and taken it to the police. When nobody had claimed it in three months the police told her she could have it. She knew we had no money so gave it to us. Her ?100 paid off our telephone and postage bills and kept us going for months. Without it the business would have collapsed.


I have been in Australia with Virgin Money launching some new products this week to help make everyone better off – and stop people getting caught short so often.

What I want to know is what is the funniest time you have been caught short? Maybe you couldn't pay for a taxi after a hot date, or didn't have enough change to buy a round of drinks for your bosses?

Or tell me your stories about when you received an unexpected windfall like I did from my dear mum.

Let me know below, on Twitter, or even on Facebook.


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