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Houston, we have a party!

Celebrating the Virgin Global Frequent Flyer Alliance in Houston...

Now that you can fly around the world on Virgin airlines, it’s hard to believe that we started out with one plane 26 years ago. I’m especially pleased that you can now earn and redeem flight points across all of our airlines’ frequent flyer programs. To celebrate, last week I spent a day with staff from Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Blue, V Australia and Virgin America and did a Q&A session with former Fox anchor Alexis Glick in front of 5,000 travel professionals of the National Business Travel Association. The appreciative response – and the warm smiles and friendliness of our Virgin staff - made it clear that Virgin airlines stand out because we offer consistent customer service and an exceptional flying experience. We are a small alliance but we are a quality alliance – and that’s what counts.


The travel industry is bouncing back, and our airlines are growing. Virgin’s commitment to take on the big guys and offer customers choice and value was demonstrated in a Texas-sized way when Virgin America announced new services from LA and San Francisco to Dallas. Traffic to and from Dallas is controlled by one legacy airline, and it’s just plain un-American to fly without mood lighting, food on demand, fleetwide wi-fi, and beautiful leather seats! To help support Virgin America, Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert joined me in the NBTA exhibit hall to give away free tickets.


We ended the day with a massive party in downtown Houston featuring the legendary Australian band INXS – who are still great live.


Here’s to enjoying Dallas in true Virgin style!


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