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Devastating floods in Pakistan

Archbishop Tutu, President Carter and Mary Robinson talk to the Huffington Post...

I wake up each morning to the heartbreaking reports coming out of Pakistan. The scale of the devastation is almost unbelievable. The Government of Pakistan has reported that up to 20 million people have been affected by the deadly floods.

I couldn’t have said it better than my friend Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Chair of the Elders, when he said: “We must hold the people of Pakistan in the heart of the human family at this time. We should respond to their suffering just as we responded so generously to the tsunami in 2004 and the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. This is a disaster on a comparable scale – and may potentially be even worse." You can read the rest of the Elder’s statement on this horrible disaster by visiting their website.

Across the Virgin Group we are coming together to support the people affected in Pakistan in similar ways to how we helped the victims in Haiti earlier in the year. Virgin Atlantic is collecting donations onboard for 10 days in support of ShelterBox’s delivery of emergency shelter and water purification to Pakistan. Virgin Money Giving is helping people in the UK set up fundraising pages in support of the Disaster Emergency Committee, and many of our other businesses are making internal appeals.

You can help too – Virgin Unite has compiled a list of aid organisations that are delivering much needed aid to Pakistan. If you are moved to make a donation, please visit virginunite.com to find out more


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