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Here's my resolution, what's yours?

2009 was a difficult year for everyone but 2010 gives us a new start so let’s focus on getting the most out of it. Virgin’s resolution is to make this a great year with the launch of a new Virgin Racing Team, the first Virgin sponsored London Marathon and continued innovation and drive to deliver better products and services from all the Virgin companies. 

And to help you make a resolution with a difference we’ve collected the very best from across Virgin and made it available at virgin.com/resolutions (UK only).

I’m really proud that Virgin can help people start off the year in such a positive way by bringing the best of Virgin services, products, properties and offers together under the Virgin Resolutions promotion.

My 2010 resolution is to get fitter so I can complete the Virgin London Marathon and to learn to drive faster on the track so I can keep up with the Virgin Racing boys – what’s yours?


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