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Virgin Racing - a new team for a new era

Richard Branson introduces Virgin Racing

Okay – it was the worst kept secret in Formula One – but I’m now proud to confirm Virgin Racing will be competing in Formula One next season. Our first year in F1 (with Brawn GP) was tremendous for the Virgin brand, so why not go in again with a new team from scratch?

If you look at the history of Virgin we've loved supporting technical breakthroughs, great engineers, and there's something like 120 engineers working away on this project.

Last year with Brawn, they started the season as a David and it ended it as a Goliath.

So we searched around for another great team, another David team, we have one and we will see how it goes.

The new era is seeing the costs of entry come down.

This team will be the lowest-budget team in Formula One. It will run under the ?40million per year that was being set by Formula One.

But money's not everything. They are determined to prove that via engineering prowess, great drivers and a great affinity with the public they can do well.


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