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A just and secure peace for all

Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel meet Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Tutu, President Carter and co...

This week, The Elders are making their second visit to the Middle East to encourage support across the region for the current final status negotiations, which will hopefully secure peace for all Palestinians and Israelis.  Mary Robinson is joined by fellow Elders Jimmy Carter, Ela Bhatt and Lakhdar Brahimi.


As they travel through the region in the coming days, they will be talking with everyday people affected by the conflict and offering support and encouragement to those working for peace and reconciliation. They also hope to draw attention to neglected aspects of the crisis.

The Elders is a group of wonderful men and women set up by Nelson Mandela in an attempt to use their moral authority to tackle conflicts. I was privileged to travel with them last summer when they visited Israel and the West Bank to meet with a wide cross-section of society working for peace, including youth representatives, non-violent activists, women's organisations and human rights experts.

You can follow their activities and impressions this week on their blog.  You can also share your own message of support for those working for peace in the region.


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