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Spaceport America Runway Dedication

Spaceport America Runway Dedication

It is incredible to be here with Governor Richardson and be part of the runway dedication at Spaceport America. To see for myself how far the construction has come from when I last visited New Mexico is truly inspiring - I for one can't wait for the grand opening - this has brought it one step closer to reality for me.


The last few weeks have been some of the most exciting in Virgin Galactic's development. Our spaceship is flying beautifully and will soon be making powered flights, propelled by our new hybrid rocket motor, which is also making excellent progress in its own test program.

The investment deal with our new partners Aabar has successfully closed, securing funding for the remainder of the development program and we are seeing unprecedented numbers of people coming forward to secure their own reservations for this incredible experience.

To be here in New Mexico to witness this historic moment is the perfect end to a great month.


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