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In Canada supporting the RE*Generation Movement

Richard Branson calls on Canadians to help stop youth homelessness

This week I have been in Canada calling on people to help stop youth homelessness across the country and support the RE*Generation Movement.

In the pictures you can see me serving breakfast to youths at Eva's Phoenix, a Toronto youth shelter.

A year ago, I was in Toronto to help launch the results of a national research study that showed just how prevalent youth homelessness is across this country. And yet the issue continues to receive low levels of social and government support and community and business engagement.


I was surprised that a country like Canada would allow youth homelessness to be overlooked. So we decided to do our own research to find out what Canadians actually knew about youth homelessness. Well, the results were clear. Canadians do not understand the size of this problem.

It's obvious that the lack of awareness has a massive affect on the support that youth homelessness receives. Our first step was to create a petition to have November 17th declared National Youth Homelessness Awareness Day.


More needs to be done to educate and engage Canadians - and that's what our non-profit foundation, Virgin Unite and Virgin Mobile are on a mission to do with the RE*Generation Movement.

To find out more about The RE*Generation Movement and get involved, go to 504nyhad.com.


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