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Virgin Galactic new commercial space vehicles

Virgin Galactic named in top five brands of the decade

Virgin Galactic is to join NASA Submissions for Orbital Spaceflights, supporting Sierra Nevada Space Systems’ (SNC) and Orbital Sciences Corporation's (OSC) work on commercial space vehicles.

Virgin Galactic has shown in the past few years how private sector investment and innovation can lead to a rapid transformation of stagnant technologies. We are now very close to making the dream of sub-orbital space a reality for thousands of people at a cost and level of safety unimaginable even in the recent past. We know that many of those same people, including myself, would also love to take an orbital space trip in the future, so we are putting our weight behind new technologies that could deliver that safely whilst driving down the enormous current costs of manned orbital flight by millions of dollars.

Yesterday’s announcement is an important step along the way to achieving our ultimate and long term goal of leading an industry which opens up the huge potential of space to everyone, whether it be for the experience itself, for science research, for fast and efficient transportation around the globe or for delivering payloads to space safely, cleanly and cheaply. We very much look forward to working with SNC, OSC and other partners in the future to bring this ambition to fruition.


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