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What a foot up!

Richard Branson blog - ski accident on New Years Day

I was run into by a teenager while skiing on New Years Day and completely ruptured my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament).

I had an operation within 24 hours and a new ACL was screwed in. Normally it takes nine months to fully recover but I’m working hard to be back on my feet as soon as possible.

What a foot up! Luckily the teenager who caused the damage survived – just! With my injury I couldn’t catch him!

I’m ‘hopeful’ I’ll be ready for the flight to Malaysia but my knee may mean that wearing high heel shoes is now a step too far!

I'm excited for the busy year ahead. I’m actually quite dangerous with my legs up (I get an idea a minute!) Luckily I’ve a notebook in one hand
and a phone in the other – not so lucky for my team!


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