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My statement on Egypt

The world’s business leaders should speak out and support the people of Egypt and other countries where oppressive leaders hold sway. At the moment, global politicians are beating around the bush and too many business leaders are keeping quiet. Politicians and business leaders should give President Mubarak a clear statement of intent that he must step down immediately enabling Egypt to move to a true democracy.


All of the entrepreneurs I have spoken to want the same thing – a properly elected democracy in Egypt as soon as possible, with a fair rule of law and freedom of speech for its citizens. Mubarak has talked of stepping down in September; he should step down now, before Egypt’s standing in the world is damaged too severely and more lives are lost and more property damaged.

Dictators around the world should step down and transfer their countries to democracies. If they do, they will have the opportunity to be seen as heroes in their own countries rather than pariahs. The faster it is done, the faster the people can move on and forgive their former leaders. A great example of this is in South Africa, where President FW de Klerk handed over power to Nelson Mandela and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He is now respected by South Africans.


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