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Wonderfully wise words from The Elders

Wonderfully wise words from one of our wonderfully wise Elders. Ghandi led the way and now Ela Bhatt is following in his footsteps. May all those involved in Egypt learn from these two peaceful people.

Dear Richard,

I am glad you appealed to the world’s business leaders. Economic freedom is as important as political democracy.

I feel terribly disturbed always at the acts of violence. There is no issue in the world that cannot be solved across the table. Egypt can do that. Everyone can do that. I can’t understand why people and the State have lost faith in peaceful methods.

I strongly believe that violence by the State is most condemnable. Even by protesters will not yield a positive result. Violence breeds violence. If we attain freedom by gun, the gun will rule over us, when ‘free’. Violence and democracy cannot co-exist.

I wish to feel confident that the people including the economically active people will bring change for better.






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