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Last shuttle launch

Virgin Galactic astronaut

Just heard from our Virgin Galactic team who were down at Cape Canaveral with a group of our future astronauts to witness the very last launch of the space shuttle. I saw the penultimate launch and, like our customers and team today, found it dramatic, moving and memorable.

The shuttle program has been a magnificent achievement in the way it regularised manned orbital spaceflight for the first time and because of the immeasurable benefits it brought to science research. It is a real testimony to human ingenuity and teamwork and remains an inspiration to generations. So, while sad to see the shuttle’s demise, particularly for those who dedicated their working lives to the program, I feel very optimistic about its legacy as we move into a new era of exploration where, through new partnerships, space will be accessible to more people than ever before. We at Virgin Galactic aim to be a significant part of that exciting future. In fact, it is possible, perhaps even likely, that Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo will be the next vehicle to take humans into space from US territory. A real responsibility but a challenge we're absolutely up for. 

Congratulations to the men and women of NASA today for a job very well done.


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