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Urgent action needed to help Somalia

Somalia, East Africa

A big thanks to the UK Government for their recent donation to support the worse crisis that Africa has faced in 60 years. Over half a billion pounds is still needed – Governments all over the world – and each one of us need to act now.

Over 11 million people are facing a severe hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa caused by the deadly drought spreading across parts of East Africa. Sadly, war ravaged Somalia, a country which has already gone through immense suffering, is getting hit the worst. There are over 3.7m people in Somalia alone who need urgent action from the rest of the world to help try and avert this crisis. Thousands of people have already died with nearly a half million children at risk of falling ill and dying from diseases due to malnutrition. In Somalia alone, UNICEF estimates that more than 250 children are dying each day – unbelievably, that’s one child every six minutes. This is obviously a totally unacceptable situation that we all need to do something about.


We have mobilised our businesses across the Virgin Group to do everything they can, such as Virgin Atlantic helping to ship much needed cargo into the region. We would love to team up with other businesses to see how we can all work together to raise much needed funds and to encourage our governments to follow the UK lead and act swiftly. Please contact our Virgin Unite team if you are interested in how we can raise this issue into the global consciousness – as it so deserves.

All of us as individuals can also make a difference – if you are in a position to make a donation – click through to virginunite.com for a selection of organisations who are doing some great work on the frontlines.


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