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Take some time out, share your burden

Take some time out, share your burden

Many people, especially in the northern hemisphere, are now on holiday or planning their getaways - a time when entrepreneurs and executives may find it especially tough to shut off their BlackBerrys and otherwise maintain work-life balance.

It is indeed difficult: these days, business is global and fast-paced, and you may be contacted at any time by colleagues and clients, which means that you are expected to always keep an eye on the latest developments at your company. In this environment, decisions are often made too quickly, by people who are too tired to make the best choices - a situation that over time, will stunt a business’s growth and its chances of success.

Asking your staff and yourself to take vacations and make time for family and other interests may seem counterintuitive in this fast-moving world. Think of it as looking after your company’s greatest asset: your employees. If you map out their needs and find solutions, you’ll see a huge payoff in terms of their creativity, enthusiasm and teamwork - and, ultimately, in the success of your business.

Read my whole New York Times Syndicate blog on taking plenty of time off to come back to the office inspired.


Каждый автолюбитель должен следить за состоянием своей машины. Поэтому если к примеру нужен ремонт подвески ауди, то Вам следуем отнестись к этому как можно серьезнее. Ведь от этого зависит безопасность вашей жизни.


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