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Campaign for organ donation opt out

Richard Branson

Delightful young girl stopped me on pavement recently. Asked if I could campaign to get opt out for organ donations introduced in the UK and in as many countries as possible. Said she was dying of liver disease, is urgently needing a donor.

Seems so obvious that Governments worldwide should introduce an opt out scheme. None of us remember to fill out the forms to opt in, even although 90% of us would love to use our bodies to save other lives once we've gone. And for the few who really object they can opt out.

On behalf of this young girl in the street, I'd urge all of us to do what we can to get our Governments to save so much misery and so much life in such an easy, painless way. Last week’s announcement by the British government that it is now compulsory to answer the donor question when applying for a new driving licence is a great step forward and was met with overwhelming positive comments in the UK.

We should now call for the introduction of a blanket opt out scheme to be introduced worldwide. Just one little change to each of our countries' legal systems would save many thousands from the misery of uncertainty and ease their suffering.

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