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Bowing out of The Swim

The Swim - meet the team

With regret I'm having to bow out of The Swim this coming week. My place right now is with my family as we start the slow process of rebuilding after last week's fire destroyed our home. All our systems were also destroyed so we will have start our office from scratch again and get it up and running as quickly as possible.


I know my other nine team members will do an amazing job tackling this challenge and may even do it quicker now I'm not there to slow them down!

We will dedicate our next record-breaking Kite-Surf attempt to cross the English Channel to Cancer Research UK and hope the winds will blow in our favour next time round! With such a great charity as our partner I'm sure they will - perhaps I can even persuade Ronan to learn to kite-surf!

Good luck to all nine members of the Samsung Galaxy S2 Swim team. Only the loss of our family home could have kept me away from being with you on this amazing challenge - I'll be cheering you on the whole way!


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