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Energy dilemmas & opportunities for entrepreneurs

Energy dilemmas & opportunities for entrepreneurs

I was sent a link to a fascinating page in the Telegraph over the weekend which focused on energy dilemmas and the opportunities this will create for entrepreneurs and business in the UK and around the world. It echoes the message of the Carbon War Room that addressing the challenges of climate change should not be about sacrifice but about opportunity.

The artricles also emphasised that we have many of the tools and technology we need to reduce our carbon footprint - we just need to invest more and make these new technologies a priority. The editorial lead-in offered a hard-hitting message with which I found myself in total agreement.

"It will take a technology revolution to build the green economy, but this is already under way. Much of the technology necessary to create low-carbon prosperity is available and is being developed – and costs are falling fast. The question is whether Britain will be in the vanguard of developing and using it, reaping the rewards in exports and jobs, or whether, as often in the past, it will stumble along behind more far-seeing economies."

Norman Foster, Transport Secretary Philip Hammond and Jeremy Leggett write on the importance of integrated renewable energy initiatives, plans for renewable-power electric vehicles and the solar revolution respectively.


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