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Reggae memories from the Caribbean

Reggae memories from the Caribbean

This week I am in Jamaica for the launch of the Branson Centre Caribbean. It got me thinking about a previous trip to this beautiful part of the world a few decades back.

I used to go to Jamaica with a view to signing up reggae acts for Virgin Records. I have always been a huge Bob Marley fan, and was determined to sign up Peter Tosh, who had performed with the late, great singer.

I was determined to make sure the legend of Bob Marley lived on, so I sat outside Peter Tosh’s house for about five days trying to convince him to sign. Eventually he let me in, brought out the biggest box of ganja I’ve ever seen, and I ended up staying for four days.

He finally agreed to sign, and his first album with Virgin – 'Legalize It' - was a big hit for us. Sadly Peter was tragically shot dead in September 1987, but his music is still much-loved 24 years on.

I hope I get the chance to hear some more fantastic reggae music while visiting the Caribbean this time around.


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