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Giving business tips on Junior Apprentice

Giving business tips on Junior Apprentice

Last night I popped up on Junior Apprentice, Lord Alan Sugar's BBC UK show to find promising new businesspersons to mentor. After a task involving selling cupcakes, the winning team came to have tea with me, where I was able to give them some entrepreneurial advice.

I told the contestants: do everything you can to succeed and then if you do fail, you would have learnt a lot - so try again.

I also quizzed them on the difference between net and gross, something I didn't know myself until I was 50 years old!

If you missed the show on BBC1 last night, you can still watch it here on iPlayer in the UK.

The Junior Apprentices were just the latest young entrepreneurs I have had the privilege to spend time with lately, something I always love doing.

Later this week I will be meeting up with entrepreneurs from the Branson School in South Africa.

I also got the chance to talk to aspiring entrepreneurs with Virgin Unite at Fast Track 100 recently, as well as the Branson Scholars – take
a look in the video below.


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