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Visiting the Branson School of Entrepreneurship

It is always a pleasure to visit the Branson School of Entrepreneurship with Virgin Unite...

It is always a pleasure to visit the Branson School of Entrepreneurship (BSoE). The original school was established in Johannesburg with the support of Virgin Unite among other partners to support budding entrepreneurs in South Africa. It was great meeting all the students and hearing how the BSoE is helping them to reach their goals and develop their business ideas. It really is an inspiring place - where else do you get to talk to people whose businesses ideas range from mobile cinemas to female fashion designers, from grass cutting services to arcade game manufacturers! 

I’m already looking forward to my next visit and hearing all about how the businesses are progressing.

RB visits BSoE 2010-5-31 Yashwin Mohan

Going forward after a full strategic review; we will be positioning the Branson School service as a Centre, not a school which is right in my view, as it isn’t a University. We don’t care so much about taking a register, but about giving people the skills they need. We do want the very best businesses and at the Centre they can have tailored support via practical business skills coaching, guidance and mentorship to share their experiences and financing opportunities to enable their businesses to grow and jobs to be created.

The Branson Centre looks for the very best businesses, the best attitudes and the best potential and sometimes this isn’t on a CV, it is who you are. The Branson Centre equips South African business leaders with the skills and seed funding to launch successful businesses of their own and we have helped 100s of businesses during this time and hope to help 100s more.


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