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The Manor closes, the Red Room opens

Music remains at the heart of Virgin, from The Manor and Virgin Records to V Festival and the Red Room...

Lots of memories from the beginnings of the Virgin Group have came flooding back due to the news that The Manor has been put up for sale. I converted the house into Britain's first residential recording studio in 1971 and it soon became a part of rock 'n' roll legend.

Virgin Records' first ever album, Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells' was recorded there, along with classics from the likes of Sandy Denny, Black Sabbath and Queen.

The Manor was a place for rock stars to behave like rock stars, recording whenever and however they wanted and leaving plenty of time for partying.

While I have some fantastic memories of the place, Virgin is still very much alive in the music world.

Our exciting online music show, Red Room, continues to grow in reputation and showcase the very latest unsigned talents alongside established stars.

You can even spot me in an episode at the launch of Virgin Mobile Metro in Sydney, while the likes of Ke$ha, Jarvis Cocker, Marina & The Diamonds and Jason Derulo pop up too.

With V Festival and FreeFest just around the corner as well, music has always been at the very heart of Virgin and we intend to keep it that way.


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