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From space to Merriweather Post Pavilion

The next stop on Virgin’s musical merry-go-round is Virgin Mobile Live’s FreeFest in the US on October. The line-up is out, with the likes of Jack White and Alabama Shakes (I must get around to listening to them!) on the bill. Skrillex, who we met up with earlier this year at the GRAMMYs, is also on the bill.

FreeFest is always a fantastic event, with everyone getting in for free in exchange for giving back to charity and helping tackle youth homelessness. In the past three years FreeFest raised nearly $600,000, generated more than 75,000 hours of volunteer time and created over 25,000 outreach kits.
2011 Festival donations built the Virgin Mobile RE*Generation House, a homeless youth shelter in Washington, DC. Developed in partnership with Sasha Bruce Youthwork, a nationally recognised non-profit dedicated to transforming the lives of young people. The house is scheduled to open this Autumn with support from donations collected from this year’s festival. It will provide a community of homeless youth with access to not just housing but programming around social entrepreneurship and urban agriculture.

The schedule is looking a bit busy around the time of the festival and we’ve been looking into travel arrangements. Luckily, on the venue Merriweather Post Pavilion’s website, it provides some helpful directions. They explain how to get there from the local motorways, train stations and airports – but also from space!

They wrote: “From space use shuttlecraft or jetpack to reach eastern-middle North America. See that jutting land-thingy? That’s the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We’re slightly west of that past the Chesapeake Bay. If you survive the extremely high temperatures of re-entry and manage to reach land, use the above directions for ground transport. Good luck, brave space people!”

Thanks for the tip, we’ll bear that in mind at Virgin Galactic!


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