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Anyone for tennis?

Richard Branson

Played a fantastically entertaining game of tennis while in the Cayman Islands with some old and new friends. It was a real privelige to meet and play with Stefan Edberg and Martina Hingis, both of whom have been number one players in their time, as well as former French Open champion Iva Majoli.


Another former world number one joined us for the game - Greg Norman, who has the quite brilliant nickname of the Great White Shark. I swapped my racket for a golf club and took a swing. After failing to hit the ball I passed it over to Greg. He hit the ball straight into my service box and we carried on the rally!

Fortunately I can outdo him with a tennis racket, but can’t get near him with a golf club.

A few years ago we played a round of golf together. On the first tee he invited me to help open his new golf club by playing another round with him. By the 18th tee he conveniently forgot all about the invite!

But back to the tennis. Although it was an exhibition match we were doing everything we could to win. I got a young lad to help me with a few shots.

Then enlisted some help in the form of a human shield Iva Majoli - see the video below.

It worked, and here's yours truly celebrating beating Martina Hingis!

We raised a lot of money for charity, made people smile and played some reasonable tennis. Hopefuly we got the balance between humour and sporting action just about right.


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